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child with dirty faceAs a mum, I have used lots of different types of wipes whilst my children were growing up.  Just think you use them for everything really don’t you? and although my children are now 6 and 9 we still have the need for wipes, very handy to have when they have nutella stained faces or milk from the breakfast round their mouths and I have to say I really like the Aquawipes that we have been testing out.

Not only do they not have the harsh chemicals, but the also have aloe vera, which we are a massive fan of.  I know some people are still like, why do you use wipes, well I tell you why – The wipes we have in the house last us a while, they aren’t always messy eaters and a face cloth by the sink or even in the bathroom can be smelly after a while of not being used.  My children just wouldn’t notice and still use it.

This way, they can help themselves when they look in the mirror and know that they need to wipe their faces and I can be rest assured, that these biodegradable wipes will be fine for them to use and I as I said, not full of nasty chemicals.

Behind the Brand

Aqua Wipes was born after Founder, Dr Mark Little’s daughter was diagnosed with severe eczema. At the time, it was very difficult for them to find products that were entirely natural or had minimal chemicals, so as not to irritate the skin. They set about creating a baby wipe that was not only natural but kind to the most delicate of skin. Combining purified water with coconut cleansing agent and organic aloe vera extract, Aqua Wipes was born.

You can buy them on Amazon

To find out more about the wipes and see whether they will work for you, why not check out the Aquawipes website

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