Review: Jurassic Kingdom Edinburgh

We headed along to Lauriston Castle at Davidson Mains on Friday to check out what all the fuss was about cause apparently some Dinosaurs have arrived.  As you walk down towards the castle, you can see the massive T-Rex on the left – Wow, it is massive and loud. My two are older 6 and 8, but I did wonder how the younger ones would fair, it’s pretty loud and big – Well when we were there the boys who were toddlers were all roaring back at it – So funny!

We walked around the grounds reading all the information panels about the different dinosaurs and I only got 3 right – I thought I was pretty good on dinosaurs, obviously I was kidding myself.  The boys were laughing at me.  And then you have the whole, how do you pronouce that then’ conversation. I didn’t win at that either, but who knows maybe I am right and they are all wrong – how do we even know what they are called, people weren’t around then to name them!!

It was freezing cold and I would say, that was the only downside of it – the kids loved the fact that some of the dinosaurs were there for you to climb on and eggs for you to play around in.

The boys thought it was fun despite the weather, dress for the weather cause there is no where to hide it’s all outside – and have fun. I’d love to hear what you think.  For kids that are into dinosaurs, I would say you’d be onto a winner.

Also it’s on street parking, so be prepared for a little bit of a walk.

To order tickets, head to and order them.

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