Review: Klear-vol Inhalation Oils for Children

Having a coldI don’t know about you and your family but here, when someone gets a cold, it really upsets sleeping patterns – I end of nursing everyone, despite usually getting it myself, but hey ho – all is not lost! Recently we have been trialing Klear-vol, it’s inhallation oils that have natural pine, thymol and menthol.

Klear-vol Inhalation Capsules

Boy does it help, the capsules can be used on children from the age of 3 months and above, all you do is snip of the top of the gelatin capsule and can be put onto a hanky, sometimes we even put it on a wet face cloth and pop it on the radiator to give the room a nice scent of the inhallation oils.

When you start using the capsules, the vapours provide comfort for several hours, thus, fingers crossed getting a better sleep.


Available as a pack of ten capsules (RRP £4.19) or as a Klear-vol care package including a pack of ten Klear-vol capsules, an applicator hanky and a limited edition Bebbington bear cuddly toy (RRP, £10).

Klear-Vol is available now from Boots. independent health food stores and pharmacies and For more information visit:

Disclaimer: we were sent some Klear-vol for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

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