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I’m sure I’m like most mum’s out there, I hope that if my child had a worry or something they needed to talk about that they would come to me. I try my best to listen to them and make time just with them so that they have the opportunity to chat about things, I get so much information about what they like and dislike on the walk over to school, they enjoy it and seem to impart knowledge. But sometimes they can be really sensitive souls and it’s great to have things out there, tools if you like, that they can use to get the most of situations.

The Worry Plaque by The Irish Fairy Door Company has been developed for exactly that – to help the children to leave their worries behind, but telling them to the fairies.

Bubbles and I made this little video for you

As the plaqu has batteries in it, it is for indoor use only, we just took it outside as it was such a nice day, but it lives on Bubbles wall now.

The whole point of the worry plaque is to help children to freely express themselves allowing the fairies to take away their worries forever. Now I know some children, like Buddy, would be like, fairies don’t exist Mum, how can they take the worries away….. But he is older. Bubbles on the other hand, likes to keep this now in his bedroom, it comes with screws to attach it to the wall. He uses it as part of his bedtime routine, to help him settle down to go to sleep.  I do think it is helping.

I believe it getting children to chat about things that worry them, it’s a great moment when you can put their minds at rest, but I do think using something as visual as the worry plaque is a great way of encouraging them to talk through things and then they can leave them be.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Worry Plaque in return for an honest review of the product.


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  1. susankmann

    OOh i love this idea. I have never it before. This would be great for my boys, they get really worried about things. Something visual would be perfect. xx


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