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At Blog On last year, I had to pleasure of meeting the team at Young Driver, upon speaking with them, I immediately knew that my boys would love this.  Imagine getting a driver’s licence at 6 & 9, I wasn’t wrong!  When the team at Young Driver got in touch, I spoke to the boys about whether they were up for learning to drive and they were delighted to have the opportunity.  In fact, they knew that we were doing it after we went on our family summer holiday to Menorca and they seemed more excited about the driving than the holiday……

Bubbles in Firefly car

So what is it.  The Young Driver has two levels, from 5-9 years old, the children learn to drive in an electric car, called a Firefly.  Kind of a bit like a dodgem in terms of driving it, but you have full control, including indicators and reverse.  We went to The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston where they had a course set out on a tarmac road.  There were cones to drive between and also road signs.  To start with, both boys got a briefing session by the lovely team, they then had a few trips round the course with me in the car with them.  Then they were on their own.  I was amazed at how their confidence grew during their time driving, they were both on the track at the same time, so that was nice, they had to work together in terms of allowing each other to have space on the track.

Boys with their Driving Licence

Now, when I first looked at the website to see what we were doing on our day out, I spoke to the boys about getting to drive the Vauxhall Corsa. I thought Buddy who is 9 would get a shot, but you need to be 10 years old.  So it’s kind of the same as driving a proper car, but you are only 10!  Wow, Buddy can’t wait for a shot next year, but he did say to me, that he needed to work on the Firefly first to understand how to control the car and is looking forward to the bigger car next year.  We watched some young children in their cars, they were so good, driving their way round the road.

As a day out, this was a wonderful experience, topped by the fact that the children are all issued with a driving licence at the end.  Keep an eye out for Young Drivers coming to your area, it really is an experience that is not to be missed.  The course we went to at the Royal Highland Centre has various dates coming up, but they book up quickly, so if you are interested, I’d have a look now.

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