Rugby training for the boys – 1 year on

My boys love their rugby training, I remember this time last year when Buddy’s friend asked him if he wanted to go to the open day and he was delighted.  He had a brilliant day out and announced he was keen to train with them and give up swim club.  A year on, he is so dedicated to it, ensuring that he goes to training sessions and games.

Edinburgh Rugby

This weekend was a special training session called #RoyalBankRugbyForce and our club, Lasswade RFC had the pleasure of hosting Allan Dell and Darryl Marfo for a special training session.  My boys were absolutely delighted. They were so excited about getting to train with such amazing rugby players and having been to their first Edinburgh Rugby game before the season ended for summer, they were over the moon.

Questions & Answers

When they had finished the training session, the Allan and Darryl answered some questions from the children.  As you can imagine, some of the questions were, well, a little left field, but they answered them all.  They also chatted to the children about healthy diet and vegetables, now mine always leave them on the plate, much to my disgust, but this Sunday saw them request vegetables for the first time ever.  Thank you guys, not only have your inspired two young boys to keep up their training and be the best players they can be, they want to eat well to nourish their bodies – This is what inspiring the youth of today is about and I for one and extremely proud our our rugby club for fostering these events.

Lasswade RFC

At Lasswade RFC, they also have camps in the school holidays that are the best value for money at £70/week (for my 2) of fun and games, training and even a water fight – they really are great sports at Lasswade and to see them play Jed Forrest afterwards, was a great end to our perfect rugby family week.

Thanks all!

2 thoughts on “Rugby training for the boys – 1 year on

  1. Pauline Lawson

    Fabulous to here the change a few months can make. Our brains don’t like the uncomfortable feeling that comes with new things. You are an amazing mum that helps ease the way until the change becomes normal. Then the successes roll and a new comfortable habit it formed.
    Live seeing the boys smiles!


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