The drugs don’t work, they just make us worse!

This passed week has been really hard, last Wednesday Bubbles started to tell me that he had a sore throat and sore ears, I gave him some calpol and didn’t think any more of it. The next night though he was feverish and really struggling to swallow – we didn’t sleep much, he was in so much pain. On Friday Grim took him to the Doctors to get him assessed. So by now I know he had tonsilitis and as someone who suffered really badly as a child and adult with this, I know how painful it is.


The doctor told hubster that antibiotics would only help clear the infection up 12 hrs sooner than naturally. Ok so, the doctor is, at this point, unaware of whether it is viral or bacterial, they look the same, apparently.  The only way is to swab and they should be able to check this in the surgery.

My son was in so much pain, started vomiting and couldn’t swallow. He couldn’t manage to even keep water down. I called the local Lloyds pharmacist in the village and she is amazing, she said space the pain killers out as much as possible, which is kinds of what I was doing. After 24 hours more, he was only getting around 40 minutes relief from any of the pain killers.

Now I know that antibiotics are getting some bad press, the doctor said, it’s now their opinion not to give them. But I have a bit of beef with that – after 4 nights of no sleep with my child writhing in pain, I kind of think, perhaps they have got the broad brush approach all wrong.

We eventually went to the out of hours doctor and I explained the situation, they instantly gave antibiotics. Now I’m not saying this would work if every situation as it only works if it is bacterial, but seriously I gave him one dose and he had a mammoth sleep and he was already feeling better – 2 days in he seemed right as rain – so why are we now in a situation where we can’t medicate our children – I for one will not leave my child next time – He was really ill, weak and couldn’t even swallow.

As a pharmacist’s daughter, I know that we need to be careful in how we use drugs, but they say they don’t work and I for one, beg to differ!

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