Throwback Thursday 1981

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The boys want a dog, Grim has until recently said no, but he is warming to it.  The problem is this pooch above. When I was about Bubbles age, I remember coming home one day and the cushion on the sofa was moving and behind it was this monkey.

We called him Zuma cause he zoomed everywhere – He was so lively – Just what you need as a kid, but I also remember him running away into the farm and the farmer chasing him with a shot gun. He used to jump up on me and almost knock me over cause he was so powerful. I have such amazing memories of this dog, but I also have sad ones as one day he just disappeared.  Mom had decided that he needed to be able to run more, as a Springer Spaniel, he needed more exercise that we could give him, so he was given away to the person who looks after Vogrie Park.

I loved this dog, so why don’t I just get the kids a dog – Well I would be the one on the dark, wet, snowy mornings that would have to walk it, cause I know no one else would and when we go on holiday – what do we do then?  So I am still on the fence – when friends get dogs, I so want one then the reality kicks in.

I’ve said the the boys I’ll review this after we come back from our holidays this year and see where we are all at then.  Watch this space!

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