Water doesn’t taste of anything!

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My kids think water tastes horrible – it’s not sugar laden or got any flavour to it apparently, so we are needing to thing of new things that we can do in order to get them to drink more ‘Adam’s Ale’. Children are encouraged to take water to school, but then the onus is on them to drink it, Buddy often comes home with it still full.  We should be drinking 2 litres of water a day, which I don’t find hard, but I know some people do.  How much water do you drink?

So what I did was research some different flavours for water and came up with the following that the boys really like:

Watermelon and Rosemary – this is not only tasty, but a great way of using up Watermelon if you get one as the kids will only eat a little bit and then the rest is left to waste.

Rosemary & Watermelon Water

We also have the following flavour combinations:

  • lemon, cucumber and ginger – this is my favourite
  • Strawberry & mint

There are also said to be benefits from drinking infused water – I was reading about fruit infused water and foudn it quite interesting that you can have added health benefits from just the ingredients that you put in your water, which is quite interesting:

  • Green tea, mint & lime – good for fat burning and digestion
  • Cucumber, Strawberry & kiwi – good for regulating your blood sugar levels, digestion and headaches
  • Cucumber, lime & lemon – Good for hydration
  • Lime, Orange & lemon – Great for heartburn

I do think that flavoured waters are a brilliant way to get you and your family to drink more water, there are plenty of bottles that you can get for infusing, this is my favourite just now SecretRain 650ML Fruit Infusing Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser BPA Free Rose Red and the boys take my other bottles to nursery and school.

6 thoughts on “Water doesn’t taste of anything!

  1. Dody

    I couldn’t agree more. I started drinking ‘infused’ water 2 years ago when I decided to quit soda and found plain water is boring. My favourite is lemon and ginger. Cheers!

  2. Danielle

    I never thought of watermelon and rosemary. I usually do lemon, lime, and mint. I just got an infuser bottle the other day and can’t wait to experiment. Thanks!

    1. Mummysknee Post author

      My go to is lemon, ginger & cucumber as always got them in – but watermelon & rosemary is lovely.


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