What are you watching over the Easter break?

In our house, screens are not banned, infact, over Easter weekend, I will be encouraging my two to have some down time. We go back to school on Tuesday, for what is the longest term and my boys need some down time.  The children have 11 weeks with only 2 days holiday, so it’s a lot especially with all of the extra things that we do. Case in point is that Buddy went to bed at 8pm last night (straight to sleep) and he has only just wakened up. Normally he’s up at 7am!

What we have done this morning over breakfast, is have a look at what is on over the Easter break and decided on a couple of things to watch.  We have an Amazon Prime account so it means we have access to loads of films and series that you can’t get elsewhere.

As a kid, I loved reading Roald Dahl books and the BFG was a massive favourite, so first up on the list is The BFG.


We are also interested in the Annedroids series which is exclusive to Amazon Prime and all about an eleven year old genius and a kid-scientist how has invented her own androids.

The boys also want to watch Lego City. I know if I had girls they would love the Just Add Magic series – it is so cool – but sadly my boys are not interested in anything girlie.  Maybe a bit of Marvel too!

I also sneaked Gnomeo and Juliet in there – what a lovely film. I think it fabulous.

For later Grim and I will be watching The Grand Tour, we love the dynamic of these presenters – they make it so exciting.

What are you watching over the holiday?

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