Here’s to you Dad

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I cannot believe it was 19 years ago on the Saturday of August bank holiday weekend in 1999 that my brother called me to let me know the news that my dad had suddenly passed away. I was devastated!

It’s really strange because I genuinely thought it would get easier as the time went by, but this year it seems to feel so hard. Not sure why, my eldest son looks so like my dad and perhaps that’s it, as he is growing into an amazing young man, I can’t believe my dad isn’t here to see it. Or maybe it’s just that sometimes it hits you harder than others.

When people pass away unexpectedly, you don’t even get a last word or the answer to that thing you have always wondered. He was only 60 when he passed away and today I realised it was only 5 years after his mum. Hadn’t thought about that before. My two special people gone.

Let’s hope he can see us now, enjoying our times together as a family, growing up (and outward – just me in this one!!)

This is not meant to be a depressing post, more a here’s to you Dad x

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