Fitness Friday – 3rd March 2017

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Fitness FridayIt’s been a while….but I’m not going to beat myself up – Life got busy again.  So following another wee break, I’m heading back to the gym from Sunday – I have been struggling to fit it in with all of the other stuff we have had on – but with the slightly lighter mornings and evenings I’m finding that I am more awake.

But this isn’t just about the fitness for me now, it’s about getting healthier. I went on a course called Food for Health recently and it was really interesting.  When I was on the course, I realised that some of the reasons for me plateauing in my weight loss and feeling run down might actually because I’m no feeding myself the right things. So from the course, I took lots of notes and it was all very interesting.

So my goals here for the next month are:

  1. To sort out my digestion and gut function;
    • We were asked to conduct a small test to check our stomach acid – You need to do this on an empty stomach. Fill a glass with 250ml of water and add in 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda, mix well & down it – You then have to count your burps – you are looking for 6-8 burps, this means it’s good. If less than 5 you have low stomach acid and over 8 you have high acidic levels in your stomach. I tried this and got 1.
    • The teacher’s remedy for this is a bunch of celery juiced every morning 10 minutes before you eat of drink anything else. It sounds horrible – but actually, I don’t mind it – For me she suggested to try this for a month – so wish me luck!
  2. To keep my blood sugar levels maintained:
    • Cut things that will spike my blood sugar levels – alcohol, caffeine, heavily processed foods & sugary snacks
    • Have breakfast, lunch and dinner AND 2 snacks
    • Don’t graze – Leave at least 2 hours between your food but no longer than 3 hours
    • Get snacks into proportion – think of the energy – rather than a pack of nuts, why not 2 or 3
  3. Other things I have introduced as a result of the course – I will go into more details on these next week
    • Magnesium spray at night
    • 2 1/2 litres of filtered water a day
    • Lemon squeezed on my green leafy veg
    • Only 3 herbal teas a day
    • Organic where possible
  4. Walk the school run – well the weather is getting better isn’t it?

This is what I have taken from my course – this is personal to me – if you are interested in finding out more, visit College of Naturopathic Medicine or visit a Naturopath who can tailor their advice directly to you.

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