Fitness Friday Pilates here I come!

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Fitness FridayI have cancelled my gym membership – yes I know, I know.  But I wasn’t using it and now that the better weather is coming, I’m trying my best to do the school run on foot. I say the better weather, but seriously the last two days have been very icy. I know that if I can manage to walk the school run both at beginning of the day and at the end of the day, I am walking almost 4 miles. This is great and one at least two of them, I don’t have kids so can up my pace a little bit.

I will also continue along to my Metafit class when I can – I do really enjoy this class if I can’t fit in anything else during the day. But I tell you what I tried last week and loved, was Ballet Barre classes. So I have decided that I will be joining our local Pilates studio and doing two sessions of Pilates and one Ballet Barre class.

I have always found that Pilates has been good for me and the classes I’m looking at are on a night that I can commit to – Which I am amazed about as I am so busy in the evening these days.

So what about the food, well this week has not been great, I’ve got to admit, I felt awful last week and into the weekend so I’ve not really been bothered until today with any getup and go. Next week’s Meal Plan has got some new things to try as I’ve just invested in an Instant Pot – I cannot wait to get started with it!

Remember exercise and activity (yes housework counts too) is only part of it about 30% of it, the rest is what you put in your body, so next week Ill update you on my Food For Health course and how Im getting on.

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