I’m fat!

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Well thats how I felt before my holidays and boy have I worked hard!

So heres the back story:

I think I was 5 when someone first said I was podgey. I wasn’t the skinniest child but even when you look at my Nana who is less than 7 stone, she has a big bum. It runs in the family. And when you look at the Heron side of the family, you’d also see that we are rather broad shouldered. (Wow I’ve only got the the end of the first paragraph and I’m already using stereotypical language and making apologies for who I am!)

When I first started working, I could eat what I want with little difference to overall weight. I was always 10 stone 7lbs! I distinctly recall Annie Duncan laughing and saying to me, you can just now, but when you hit 25 that will change and worse when you hit 30! Ok so I’ll give it to you wise lady, Annie. You were right!

Fast forward almost 20 years and I am nearing 13 stone. I could make excuses, like, Ive had two kids or I am 40 and my metabolism is slowing down. But the fact of the matter is:

I’ve got lazy

I’m happy with my life

I’ve got too comfortable

I love my food and red wine

I decided in June that this had to change! I weighed in at 12 stone 9.8lbs and decided to look at what I was going to change.

Mid July I did something called the C9 cleanse. Ill do a separate post all about this and why I rate it so highly and it has changed my life!

It is now 4 weeks since I started my healthy eating and Ive dropped 9.8lbs and now 12 stone! When I started out I gave myself a goal of getting to 12 stone by October. Im going to go for 11 stone as my goal now! I know muscle weighs more than fat, but with the stigma I have with my weight that is so deep seated. Remember I have been told since I was 5 that I was overweight! I mentally need to use this as my gauge if success.

So how have I done it so far:

  • I went on a pre cleanse- so cut down on all of the naughty things like sugar, alcohol, caffeine for 4 days
  • Then I went on the C9 for 9 days
  • Then continued on my journey using my learnings. Snack in low calorie items, main meals should be breakfast = 300 cals, lunch = 300 cals and dinner = 600 cals
  • I do exercise most days, but mix cardio with toning and strength
  • I track my calories so that I know when I have gone off track I know what I need to burn in the gym
  • I drink at least 2 litres of water a day
  • Sleep is also vital but working on the non sleep situation still. That may take longer!
  • support from my friend Kerry has been invaluable
  • I have not given up red wine but I just dont drink it by the bucket full any more.
  • This new healthy lifestyle is not about punishing myself, its about changing my relationship with food, drink and exercise for positive results.


I know these are not the most flattering of pictures but here is my before and after shot of the first two weeks of my journey.

Before and after C9 Cleanse

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