Weetabix Protein #Review

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Weetabix Protein

Since I’ve been getting into my fitness regime I’ve been reading a lot about including protein in all of your main meals to ensure that you stay fuller for longer. So Weetabix Protein seemed a great build on a cereal we already buy. Breakfasts for us are usually either eggs on toast, cereal or for me a protein shake. The boys are more into their cereal though!

As you would imagine, its aimed at people like me who are health-conscious and trying to get protein into their breakfast and there are only so many days I can manage eggs!

The boys have been eating it too and I have noticed that if they have two of them, they are not really interested in a snack mid morning, they will go all the way til lunchtime, so no snacking for us thats a great thing We are a family of snackers and we have to stop it. I have always been but I do think that it affects the boys wanted to have proper meals, so for now this is working for us.

For those who are interested a serving of Weetabix Protein contains 12g of protein, yet a medium egg would only be 6g.  I have to say that it doesnt even taste any different, it is made with high quality wheat and high protein crispy bits!

For those who like Weetabix in the morning, but still need their 11 oclock fix, this may well be the answer give it a go and let us know what you think.  We as a family are going to be sticking with it!

I asked Buddy what he thought of it and he pondered for a while and said I think it tastes great! well thats it endorsed by a six year old, what more do you need?

To find out more about Weetabix Protein, visit their website.

Disclaimer: We were sent a pack of Weetabix Protein cereal in return for this blog, all opinions are our own.

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