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Wow, cannot believe 2017 is almost at an end. It’s been a really interesting year. Highlights have been:

  • Getting my instant pot – love that I can buy dried beans and within an hour have cooked beans – not only is it cheaper than canned ones but they taste better too
  • Worked on some really exciting freelance projects with some amazing people
  • Bubbles starting school in August
  • Bubbles helping narrate and stage manage the school nativity
  • Christmas Day this year was fabulous, it was lovely to see my kids getting on so well with their cousins – really melted my heart

And of course there have been tricky parts, but each of them was sent to us to challenge us and help us grow, and believe me it has done that.

A friend introduced me to kindness this year and as such, I have found that sometimes the phrase ‘Don’t be a dick!’ (even said in your head) can be a saving grace! Thanks Karen x

2018 is on it’s way and I’ll post on the 1st with my plans.

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