Ski Sunday – Let’s get started!

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At the back end of last year Bubbles, then 4 announced he wanted to be able to ski – I have no idea where it came from, perhaps when we watch The Jump. But not 100%.

Grim and I can’t really ski, despite being on a skiing holiday with friends – We had lessons, but never kept it up so we decided to find out more about lessons for Bubbles. In January, nursery sent home a letter saying that they were starting skiing lessons for a small group of children – Woo hoo! We signed up right away, Bubbles loved in and we were sent videos of him progressing.  We have kept it going and he has just done the last set of lessons he can do for his age!

Then Buddy wanted to do it – so last week, we had enrolled them in ski school for the week.  Every morning, we went up to Hillend to Midlothian Snow Centre and the boys loved it.  Bubbles went from the 2nd red one – so nearly the very top and Buddy went from the first red – I am super proud of what they achieved, but here’s the thing, they are both desperate to go to the mountains to go skiing, so it means Grim and I are both going to have to learn – I can tell you, I have determination for most things and whilst I’m sure I’ll love it when I can actually ski, but it’s not something that comes naturally to me and it’s going to be an immense challenge!

I have achieved a lot in my 41 years, including a marathon, so why does this latest challenge seem so daunting?  I think it may be fear!

Is there anything that you have overcome with a positive outcome – please share x

2 thoughts on “Ski Sunday – Let’s get started!

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