Fitness Friday – 5-HTP Supplements

Fitness Friday

At my Food for Health course, the course leader, Karen Scobie spoke about a supplement called 5-HTP – I had never heard of it – it basically a chemical that your body makes from tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that you get from your food.  It is then converted into 5-HTP, the chemical then changes into serotonin.  Are you still with me?

Ok, bear with me, many of you will have heard of serotonin as this is vital for your mood but also you sleep, and as you know I have a real issue with my sleep. Well you’ll be glad to hear that I have been sleeping better using the 5-HTP  I spoke to my my naturopath Louisa Johnston before taking it as I had heard and read some things that had not given a good reputation.

I do feel better in myself, not only is my body getting rest, but I do think it has made me slightly calmer during the day which is better for the whole family really isn’t it.  Some do say that 5-HTP is a prozac like supplement which is an amino acid. When I first started taking it, I can safely say that the first few days I was clear of mind, but I did feel a bit too relaxed first thing in the morning, but as I’ve taken it over the past fortnight, I found this is no longer the case and I just feel a lot better in myself.

For me, I really think that taking things like 5-HTP, as they are a supplement and not subject to the same testing that drugs are in our country, then I would take under the guidance of someone in the know, like a naturopath. There are quite a few contraindications (things that react with 5-HTP) like anti depressants, alcohol and believe it or not protein – when taking Karen Scobie told me to take with a carb, but make sure no protein.

To buy 5-HTP visit Focus Supplements  As I said, with any supplementation that you do, please do seek advice to ensure that these are right for you.

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