Mindfulness for kids – Fitness Friday – 12th January 2018

Fitness Friday

Last New Year I made a resolution to get back into my meditation, do you know what I didn’t, the reason being it was forced.  I don’t mean the meditation was forced, but I was forcing myself to do it. So this year, I decided to do my meditation when and if I needed to – I find that I am doing it more than I intended, so that’s good right?

So what about mindfulness and relaxation for kids.  In a world where we are always on the go, busy and trying to catch up, how must our children feel? Sometimes my children will ask me to slow down or ask ‘why are we rushing?’ ok guys point taken!  I don’t want my children to grow up feeling like that, I want them to develop their own tools in life to help them.  But there is so much talk of mindfulness and meditation that I actually think it’s more people talking that doing and that worries me.

A friend introduced us to Relax Kids, now I didn’t know much about it when we started, but the boys have done some sessions locally and they have loved it and more than that, they have found a spot where they can relax, meditate and learn about different things them can use to help them in life. Check out Pauline’s Relax Kids page Pauline is in the process of pulling together more classes, but also she does 1:1 sessions, so please do get in touch with her if you want some help and advice.

So I asked Pauline what her take on mindfulness for kids was and she said “Mindfulness is part of your life, and your child’s life – by creating safe and positive habits with your children (and everyone has their own take on what these should be). Sometimes there will be forming a habit but also there will be some negative ones to break (these are harder).  It’s about ensuring that you help your child to create positive habits without using any negative emotion.”

I totally understand this, I know some people will judge on this one, but my kids do get screen time, actually until recently I have not been one to limit it.  I, as someone who is on social media a lot and blogging, finds it difficult to say no to them if I am doing it too! But, that is about to change, Buddy struggles with is screen time, it is like a drug to him, so I’m trying to help him minimise this. He is totally addicted, so we are working on ways to help him to switch off. He finds it hard to go to sleep and I know this is the cause of it, but at 8 he is fighting that and doesn’t agree.  Since we started to work with him on this, he has read two books when trying to get to sleep rather than ‘watching’.

We have been working with Pauline at Relax Kids to help our children have tools, such as mindfulness that they can use. We’ll work on some pointers to help you over the next few weeks and post those too.

Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration between myself and my friend Pauline from Relax Kids Midlothian. I was not paid for this post.




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