Fitness Friday – Fight Your Vitamin D-Mons

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Fitness Friday

In recent years I’ve been to a lot of courses and read loads about optimum nutrition and what that means for both adults and children.  It is so important to get it right and it’s a balancing act, as is everything else.

I have recently been reading up about Vitamin D – Did you know it’s actually quite hard for your body to get enough of this naturally.  So where do you get it from? Well there are some fortified foods, i.e. foods that have Vitamin D added to them.  You can also get it from some seafood, like sardines or anchovies, this is because you are getting the Vitamin D from the really small bones, that are ok to eat.  The other place we get it from is the Sun.  It is called the sunshine vitamin.

Due to the changes in our lifestyles (playing and working indoors) our absorption has decreased – do you know that there are now children in Scotland showing signs of ricketts!

So there is a big push to get our levels of Vitamin D up and get us all into a healthy state.  We need Vitamin D to help us develop healthy bones, boost our immunity and helping to fight off colds and flu.  You can get hold of home testing kits, but you can also speak to your GP if you are concerned about your Vitamin D levels.

If you are thinking, ah I don’t know if my levels are low, check out the image below, if you are continually feeling tired or fatigues, suffer from SAD or have a low mood or continually have coughs and colds, you might want to get your Vitamin D levels checked out.

Vitamin D Awareness

I had mine checked by taking a small spot blood sample and sending it off for testing – My levels are actually adequate, but we are coming into Winter and so I’m taking a daily spray called BetterYou which will ensure that I keep my levels up to optimum through the winter months.

If you would like more information about the campaign or Vitamin D in general, visit

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