Fitness Friday – Let’s get Motivated

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Fitness Friday

In the holidays, again I’ve let my keep fit and healthy slide. One reason for this is cracking my tooth on an almond – This is meant to be healthy, not wrecking my teeth and costing me money! Anyway I digress.  Here are my top tips to get me back on track from Monday:

  1. Get myself a gym buddy for us both to keep ourselves accountable
  2. Diary all of my classes – Now I’m away for work for some of next week, but I’m going to take my gym stuff with me and go for a run along the beach (ha ha, at least no one will know me in Weymouth!)
  3. Keep a habit tracker from next week that will keep track of when I manage to make it
  4. Choose classes that work for me – Metafit Monday before school and nursery drop off, then Pilates on Thursday
  5. Keep up the walking the school run – so far this week I have walked over 80k steps so I’m doing well on that front
  6. No drinking during the week – this worked this week and I didn’t want to snack in the evening, so that’s a bonus
  7. Track what I’m eating – this is something that works for me, I actually don’t have enough calories. I’m using Amelia Freer’s Positive Nutrition Triangle as a basis to get the right foods in
  8. Fruit infused water – this not only helps me drink more water, but did you know it can have health benefits too
  9. Meal Plan, this stops me eating rubbish and makes sure that I don’t waste loads of money
  10. Daily meditation – this is not for everyone, but I find a quite spot in the day, where I can do some transcendental meditation really helps with my general well being

What do you do to keep yourself on track? Please share any hints and tips below.

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Let’s get Motivated

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