Fitness Friday – My Slimming World Experience

Fitness FridayI don’t believe in fad diets or quick fixes like Slimming World, for me, losing weight is more likely to stay off if you start looking at what you are eating and ensure that it’s balanced and you get exercise to lose and keep off the weight. So what does that mean, well, calories count!  That doesn’t mean just cut the calories, your body needs calories, but yes make sure you are getting enough but by doing exercise you will be burning them too.

But about 8 weeks ago, I was starting to get the fear, my step brother’s wedding was fast approaching and I thought I need to do something drastic here. So I joined Slimming World.  Now I know Slimming World works for loads of people and people have had great results, as with any of these things, if you follow them, then you will lose, but wait for it – Out of the 10 people joining the night I joined, only 2 of us hadn’t been before – I sat there open mouthed, I couldn’t believe that! It just reminded me that because it is essentially a fad diet, unless you either keep it up or change your lifestyle, you are just going to put the weight back on.

So how did I do – Well after 5 weeks I had put on weight – so how is that!!?? I have absolutely no idea, but it just shows that it’s not for me.

The other reasons I disliked it too was the language used, you have to count your Syns – what? this isn’t church! I saved up my syns for the weekend and had wine, I ate more than I normally do, but I wasn’t feeding myself in the lovely way I was taught at my food for health course, I was eating low fat things, full of aspartame and chemicals – how can this be healthy for you.  Surely this is not the future of food. Not for me anyway, I’ll get fit and eat a lovely balanced diet without your diet foods.

I am glad I tried it out and as I said, it does work for some people, but it was not the right thing for me.

GOAL FOR ME: To lose 2 lbs a week steadily and introduce a work out at least 3 days a week. Let’s see if we can smash this.

Add your support below – I always get on better, when someone cheers me on!

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