Fitness Friday: Turmeric the super spice

Fitness Friday

Ever since I went on the course about Food For Health last year I’ve been more mindful of trying to get my nutrition from my food rather than supplements – I, rightly or wrongly have always assumed that whilst it is better to get it fromyour food, you can get the same results using a supplement, we apparently not.

I was reading BBC Focus Magazine the other day whilst waiting for the dentist and I read an article about turmeric.  For the programme Trust me I’m a Doctor, they did an experiement with Turmeric.  They had one group of people with placebo, one with a supplement and one with turmeric the spice.  I was surprised with the results.  Those taking the placebo and the supplement had no changes, but the ones having it in their diet showed striking differents.  Especially to one gene that is known to be involved with things such as depression, asthma, eczema and cancer.  So it seems not all is equal with this particular super spice that people are falling over themselves to include in their diet.  For the full article, click here

turmeric latteMy favourite way of ensuring that I get some turmeric in my diet is a turmeric latte, it’s a lovely alternative to coffee, not only is it caffeine free but it’s also packed full of antioxidants and it tastes rather yummy too.  When I first had it in a cafe in Edinburgh I was wowed, but couldn’t seem to get it right at home, but then I found Nadia’s recipe for it and wow, this is the bee’s knees.

When I was finished the article above, it really made me think of all of those health shops with those thousands of supplements and making money from this and wondered just which ones do we actually ‘need’ and which ones don’t even work and we are wasting our money.  I for one will be trying to get as much as I can from my food.

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