Fitness Friday – Why I’ve invested in a PT?

Fitness FridayOk, so last year I got really fit. I was nearing my goal weight and felt so healthy and could actually run – Yes, run! Then the clocks changed and all of a sudden I couldn’t get my backside out of bed in order to get to my classes. Then it was winter – Yes – you get the drift – I was making excuses.  I knew I was, but I couldn’t rise above it!

So then hubster started to run about 16 weeks ago and he looks great! It was at that point, I was like woah there, I need to stop making excuses, I can do this.

I was put in touch with Berni from On Pointe Fitness, she does local bootcamps in our local park, but she also works on a one to one basis with people.  So I thought let’s do this – I’ve committed to 8 weeks PT one to one sessions. Give her a like if you are local and she can update you on her bootcamps!

So far, I’ve done 4 weeks and although I haven’t lost weight – This is not my number 1 goal – I feel so much better within myself and as Berni has a dance background, it’s not just about  the HIIT programme, but also the stretching and dare I say it – Foam Roller – Yes I would say this is not my favourite thing, but I now have mobility back in my hip that was stopping me from running.  I see Berni once a week at the moment for one to one sessions and I also go to her bootcamp on a Monday morning at 6.30am. Berni has also given me advice about nutrition, what to eat and how to get the best out of my workouts and set up a home programme for me, so I don’t even need to go to the gym.

The next 4 weeks with Berni is all about HIIT, so now I’m looking forward to it – This totally motivates me.

Oh and I have managed 2 4km runs in thanks to my friend Hazel for stop starting with me – we will get there and it’s good to be back on the wagon 🙂

So I’ve invested in a PT for personal motivation and to make sure I’m technically doing things correctly, have a programme specially adapted to the equipment I have in my home and to ensure that I’m stretching and foam rolling to ensure that I’m injury free.

What would make you get a PT?

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