Our weekly meal plan – 13th August 2018

I think I crashed & burned last week, it started off so well but by the weekend I’d had take aways and wine, so this week I have to get back on track. I have got a nice meal plan sorted & need to stick to it.  The boys will also be eating lots of veg, at their request, I am so happy about this, I nearly fell off my chair – I’ll explain all later in the week. We have the meal planner all filled out and on the white board so that everyone knows what we are having. Here are the dinners that have made the meal plan for this week:

Monday – Mushroom Stroganoff – I got the Ainsley Harriet cookbook when I first got my own flat and this is the tried and tested recipe that we keep going back to – it’s really funny to see all of the old recipes and my goodness, the food photography has come on so much in the past 23 years!

Tuesday – Steamed salmon with broccoli – I got a recipe off My Fitness Pal a couple of weeks ago and it was so tasty, it’s got a balsamic glaze and baked in the oven, it’s so tasty

Wednesday – Chicken wraps with salad – I’ll make grilled tandoori chicken and the boys love this too, so we’ll have it together.

ThursdayRagu – We all love this, so we’ll be having it again this week.

Friday –  It’s fish friday so opting for fish pie again – it’s really easy to make and so tasty

Saturday – We’ll make our own pizzas instead and I’m out with the girls so I’ll be well fed!

Sunday – Falafels – We got these this week and they are so easy just to heat up and serve in pitta breads – we’ll be getting ready for school in the morning so needs to be quick and easy.

Do you meal plan? What are your favourites?

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