Revew: Hampstead Tea

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As someone who is extremely busy juggling work, life and children, I get caught up in the business of life and sometimes I just need some ‘me’ time. I love my coffee, but of late, I’m trying to move towards more natural herbal teas. I was asked to review some of the new Hampstead tea range and I was really impressed.

Hampstead Tea

I was using my Teapy as well, so when I opened up the Honeybush and Vanilla tea bag, the smell from it was amazing.  Normally I find the smell of herbal tea lovely and then the actual drink itself doesn’t deliver on those enticing flavours, but I have to say, this one did not disappoint. The flavours were exactly as the aroma when I took off my Teapy and I really did have a calming moment, enjoying the tea.

The herbal teas coming in all different flavour combinations, from the Honeybush and Vanilla one that I tried and Lavender and Valerian one, encouraing soothing relaxation.  They are natuarally caffeine free which is great for those trying to cut back for what ever reason. Great for health and well being.  I for one will be trying some of the other flavour combinations available – which one do you fancy most?

You can buy the Hampstead Teas from their website

Disclaimer: We were sent this tea in return for an honest review – All opinions are my own.

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