Review: Pure Elixir 02 – I get sleep at last

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Ok folks, so many of you know I have two small children, well they are not so small any more, they are now 5 & 8 and until recently I didn’t sleep.  I used to wake up and check on them as babies, then they would wake and want help getting back to sleep.  Now the only thing that wakes them is if they need to go to the toilet in the night, so I began to wonder how I was going to change my annoying habit of waking during the night and not being able to get back to sleep.

I still wake up at 4am every morning and if I wake at this time of before, my mind swings into action and works overdrive. I often keep a pad beside my bed as I come up with some great ideas at this time in the morning, but it means that I am not rested when I do get up.

PURE Elixir 02My friend, Lesley told me about Pure Elixir 02 from MyShowcase and I have to say when she told me how good it was, I was sceptical. Not because I didn’t believe it was working for my friend. Or indeed that what I had learned at my nutrition event last year about how if you gut is functioning correctly then you are more likely to have rested sleep (yes, this is true, but that’s for another blog post). But how could something that had some probiotics and some wild cherry extract and a few other things promote restful sleep and help reduce stress.

So I tried it, now I am not saying this will work for everyone. In fact, it won’t, but if, like me you are at the end of your tether with night waking and not being able to get back to sleep, anything is worth a shot right!

I had a month’s supplement pack and I was sleeping better. I put it down to circumstances, the boys didn’t wake those nights, etc,etc. then came month 2 – I forgot to order some more Pure Elixir 02 and had a week of interrupted sleep – just circumstance, right! WRONG! I got a pack of Pure Elixir 02 the next week, the night I took the first supplement, I was so sound asleep, I didn’t hear my children get up to go to the toilet, in fact, I slept all night through to my alarm – I was so excited. This was the first time in 9 years I have properly slept and OMG it felt awful – I was lethargic all day – It just shows you how used to not sleeping your body gets! After a week, I felt rested and started to feel better and I continue to take Pure Elixir 02.

As I said, it’s not for everyone, there may be another reason why you are waking during the night, but for me, Pure Elixir 02 works an absolute treat and I would recommend that people who are having issues sleeping to at least give it a go and see how you get on at £30 for 30 days, it’s worth a go.

So what is Pure Elixir 02:

Pure Elixir 02 is formulated to promote a deeper sleep and build the body’s resistance to stress. Multi-strain probiotics increase vitamin absorption and boost the immune system whilst naturally strong anti-inflammation properties reduce stress on the body and promote better health. Contains high grade Montmorency Cherry Extract which is known to reduce the symptoms of insomnia and inflammatory diseases, whilst also improving cognitive function. Lemon Balm acts as an anti-inflammatory and soothes the nervous system along with anti bacterial Chamomile.

You can buy Pure Elixir 02 here until end of January 2018

Disclaimer: I am a MyShowcase Stylist and if you order this item, I will receive commission on these sales until the end of January 2018.

3 thoughts on “Review: Pure Elixir 02 – I get sleep at last

    1. Joanna Dunlop

      Thanks Laura, I find that this doesn’t get me to sleep, but if I wake, I can easily get back to sleep before my brain kicks in and therefore I feel rested when I wake


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