Our House is a Squash & a Squeeze

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Our House is a Squash & a Squeeze

Our family live, in a 3 bed house;
With a cat called Hogan, who loves chasing the mouse.

We filled the house from roof to the floor;
Until we couldnt move any more.

What to do, we couldnt figure;
So the builder said well make it bigger.

Well strap that door & knock through;
Well raise the floor & insulate too.

Take that wall out but wont it fall down;
No said the Builder, dont be a clown!

Well put in a joist and lean on a pillar;
Just make sure you get plenty poly filla!

When the wall comes down its one big kitchen;
The fridge Im getting, well, its bitchin!

So thats where Im at with the poem & the plans, here is the outline of what Im thinking and some pics to show you ideas.

Pintrest Board with ideas 

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