Every Day is School Day

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Every Day is a School Day
I love learning, when I got feedback on my new job, they said my enthusiasm for it came across in my interview and this was one of the reasons I got it – I work in Higher Education.  I find learning new things is satisfying. From that moment you start learning to the moment you realise, you’ve got it! Wow what a feeling.

I have signed up for so many courses in the passed few years as, when I was freelance I had a bit more time to do them. I am, at the moment trying to decide whether I finally bite the bullet and do my CIM qualification (I’ve only been doing marketing for 22 years!) or whether I look at other things.  I kind of want to wait until my boys are a bit older to commit to too much, so that I’m not spent every night or weekend doing studying.  That said, I am in two minds.  If you have undertaken some recent study, then please do let me know and pass on your pros and cons.

In ther meantime, I came across some free courses with Open University here there is an extensive course of lots of different online free courses that you could do.  There are loads of them , so the question for me now, is where do I start?

Working in higher education definitely has it’s plus points for someone like me, I am absolutely surrounded by people who are either teaching or learning, my project at the moment is working on the undergraduate prospectus for 2019 entrants – Yes, that’s right!! So I’m writing new copy for this and speaking to all of the leacturers.

I think this thirst for knowledge comes becuase I haven’t managed to get to do my dream job. Ever since I was 4 I wanted to be a Pharmacist, but school wouldn’t let me do Chemistry (kind of fundamental really!) this was becuase my grades were not consistant – I got top marks for my exam, but they still wouldn’t let me.  Now if they had asked me about why, they would have realised that I had spent my first year at that school being extremely badly bullied and I was trying to fit in – Unfortunately being the teacher’s pet was not going to work for me! When I realised that it was crunch time, I worked so hard, but unfortunately the teachers and my parents and step parents said the same, ‘Pharmacy is too difficult for you’ and my guidance teacher said ‘You’ll never amount to anything, you may as well leave now!’ Ok so how to put a 15 year old off studying – Well it wasn’t reverse psychology, they didn’t believe.

When I trained to be a dispenser some years later, I was getting top marks, so when I decided to go down the marketing route, they were disappointed so was I, but I couldn’t be ‘just a dispenser’ I wanted to be a Pharmacist.

I was writing the infromation about Biosciences at work and realised that they do a part time course that could actually be my stepping stone to Pharmacy – I probably will never do it, but to know that there are options and part time at that has really opened my eyes to perhaps retraining to go into a field, I’ve always had a passion for – If you are reading this and wondering what options are out there, why not have a look at your local university or Open University and see if you too could realise your dream, just with a little bit of training.

Let’s face it, we’ll never retire, so we might as well do something we enjoy!

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