Five top tips for car owners to fight the freeze

Car Tips for the Snow

Five top tips for car owners to fight the freeze

Maintaining and cleaning your car this winter – The  cold snap has certainly hit the UK and will continue over the next few days. You need to ensure your car stays both safe and spotless during the winter months. Here, the experts at Armor All and Kent reveal their top tips to make owning and maintaining a car during the winter a brrrr-eeze:

1. Start the day with a clear view – It’s cold and dark, you’ve had to leave your lovely warm bed to make the trek to work and once you reach your car you now can’t see a thing. Make demisting easy with Kent’s Microfibre Demist Pad. The pad is made of non-scratch lint free material, so it won’t damage your windscreen and the microfibre element means windscreens and windows will be clear in no time. This handy pad is also machine washable and dryable meaning it can perform brilliantly, for longer.  Available from Amazon here and even better it’s on offer today.

2. Avoid frozen hands but still give your car that sparkle – For the dedicated car owner, committed to keeping their vehicle clean whatever the weather, the Armor All Hand Wash Brush is the perfect companion. With its universal hose connector, you can give your car a good wash without getting your hands wet. What’s more, the non-abrasive brush is tough too meaning it can handle even the most hard to move dirt and debris from your car making the clean up a whole lot quicker and easier. Available from Amazon here.

 3. Make your car clean last  – For car owners, keeping your car clean and shiny for longer is useful at any time of the year but during the winter months, even more so as it negates the need to wash your car as often when it’s cold and miserable outside. Armor All Shield helps to prevent dirt and grime from sticking to the car meaning your car washing efforts last longer. Applying just one layer of this easy-to-use wax adds a shielding coating which helps to maintain protection, and give a dazzling shine, for up to 10 washes. I am loving this! Available from Amazon here.

4.  Keep brakes in tip top condition for the icy roads – Slush, muck, snow and extra water are just a few of the delightful conditions you’re likely to face when out on the roads during the winter months. In these circumstances stopping distances also increase, so it’s imperative that you ensure your brakes are in top condition and ready for whatever you throw at them. Auto Express Awards 2016 winner, Armor All Shield Brake Dust Repellent, repels brake dust, road grime and dirt, by forming a protective barrier on wheels and rims. Just spray the powerful repellent on clean, dry wheels and you’re good to go. Wheels stay looking clean from wash to wash and cleaning next time is significantly easier. Available from Amazon here.

 5. Keep your car fresh with a quick spruce up – For me, these are great, I have two boys and when they get into my car, it gets covered in mud so I use these for keeping my car in tip top. With Armor All’s All Round Wipes, you can give your car a quick spruce up whilst on the go. The wipes can remove the toughest of stains, including mud, oil, ink and grease from multiple surfaces. Additionally, they feature a smart seal, twist and lock, lid to assure that each wipe is moisture sealed for extra freshness. Available from Amazon here.

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