Our Weekly Meal Plan – 6th March 2017


This week will very much be me experimenting with my new Instant Pot – I’ve made some really interesting things so far – like an amazing beef stew that only took half an hour and would normally have taken 8 hours on low. I’ve heard you can even make the perfect boiled egg, so I’m going to investigate.

Monday – Chicken and Chorizo risotto in the Instant Pot

Tuesday – Steak pie and vegetables

Wednesday – Storecupboard Chickpea Curry – Again I’m going to try this in the Instant Pot.

Thursday – Kung Pao Chicken

Friday – Chilli made in the Instant Pot on baked potatoes – I read somewhere that you can also do your baked potatoes in the Instant Pot and finish them off for 10 mins in oven – I am going to give this a go.

I am not sure about the weekend yet as I am still investigating my Instant Pot – but I’m sure it will be fun, whatever we decide to do.



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