Meal Planning Monday – 16th April 2018

For this week’s meal plan I have taken an inventory of my freezer – yes sounds a bit grand, but hey ho – I have a larder freezer and it was full and I am not really sure why I do it but I keep just buying stuff rather than using it up.  Anything without a label has been dumped so that we are not playing mystery dinner roulette.  Although it sounds quite fun, it can be quite annoying to realise that when something has defrosted you don’t actually have anything to go with it – so nobody fancies it.Meal Planning Monday Badge

We have the meal planner all filled out:

Monday – Kung Pao Chicken – courtsey of the gorgeous Karen over at Lavender & Lovage – I had totally forgotten about the dish until last week when I was looking for inspiration for the week ahead – my boys will even eat this, but they have it with noodles instead of the spiralised veg.

Tuesday – Black and Kidney Bean Chilli – From Deliciously Ella – Now I haven’t told Grim that this is what he’s eating tonight, but he said he was happy to eat whatever I decided as I’m trying to use up things in the cupboards and the freezer, whilst ensuring that we have nutritious and healthy food. I love this recipe, it’s super simple to make too.

Wednesday – Battered Fish & Chips – now remember I’m using up the things in my freezer and quite often these are on offer at our local Coop as part of their £5 deal with there you get a veg, a side, a main and some dessert – can be a pretty good deal sometimes as the boys really like it but we always have the battered fish left over as it’s not something we eat a lot of.  When getting fish, it tends to be fillets that we can them bake in the oven!

Thursday – Baked Potatoes and Chilli – We have two batches of chilli in the freezer – one mild for the boys and one hot for us, this is great ona  baked potato especially as we know it’s there and ready to eat.

Friday – Lamb Kofta Kebabs in Wraps – we made a lamb kofta curry a few weeks ago and made extra koftas that we froze, I’m going to serve this with tzatziki wth some greek salad on the side – Wow even just writing that is making my mouth water.  If they have any watermelon in the shops, I might add that to my greek salad too as it’s really refreshing with the rest of the ingredients.

Saturday – Chicken, Chorizo and Chickpea Stew – I cannot believe that this hasn’t made it to the blog, I used to make it all of the time when I was a Pampered Chef consultant – it’s my super easy stew where you just stick everything in my covered baker and bake it for 3 hours low and it is so tasty. I’m off to check my static back up to see if it’s there from before when I was hacked!

Sunday – Ragu – Anyone who reads this will agree, that this is possibly the longest running staple on our list and the best thing is that no one ever complains when it’s on the menu – It’s something that everyone eats all of and we can sit down together and eat it.

I wrote a blog post last week that really inspired me, I realised that I had kind of lost my way with the blog and the reason I started blogging was all about helping mums to get out of their rut with their own meal plans and wanted them to explore new things – so I need your help – if you make something from my meal plan, please share you picture and tag me on social media.

If you are a mum stuck in your rut, then please do message me and I can develop a whole new meal plan along with recipes for you and your family to try.  You can then let me know how you have got on and whether it was a hit or not.  This will feature on a Tuesday……….


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