Meal Planning Monday – 12th February 2018

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Argh, we’ve been ill – this is week two of it, Bubbles was first and now me. I have to say it’s been quite a long time since I was last ill, like properly in bed ill and this one has been hard as it’s sinusitis. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone, it’s so hard cause it gets worse when you lie down – anyway, we still need to eat, so here’s our meal plan for this week.

We have the meal planner all filled out:

Monday – Ragu – This Italian classic is a version from northern Italy and was taught to me by a friend’s dad five years ago – It still remains a weekly classic in the house.

Tuesday – Pasta Skillet with Chicken Sausage, Cheese & Spinach – Well, well, well, looks like chicken sausages are all the rage in American and so picked up this recipe.  I like pasta bake, but Grim doesn’t really, but I wanted to have something easy tonight as still not feeling great.  It was tasty, the spinach made a massive difference and felt healthy too, the cheese on top was just enough to satisfy my cheese addiction and the chicken sausages, actually went down really well – Grim asked me to buy them again. Interesting!

Wednesday – Paprika Chicken Wraps- This is a great one for a Wednesday, the boys both have activities and we need to be out the door sharp, so we make Maggi chicken in the bag and make up our own chicken and salad wraps – Not very romatic for Valentine’s Day but still…..

Thursday – Turkey Mince Stir Fry –  I bought the turkey mince whilst I was doing the Body Coach SSS 90 Days and I actually like it, it’s super easy to cook with right from frozen and for this I just add in some stir fry veg and some spices and because I use loads of veg, I don’t need rice or anything else.

Friday – Chicken Chow Mein – Grim is out tonight so going to make the boys some chicken chow mein which they love and it’s super simple to make.

Saturday – We are out for lunch today so it’ll be homemade soup and toasties for dinner

Sunday – Salmon with broccoli – The boys will have haddock and we can all sit down together for this.  I do try to eat more seafood in a week, but this week has been about clearing out and using up what we have as I need to clear my full larder freezer as I can’t fit anything else in it!


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