Meal Planning Monday 14th March 2016

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Meal Planning Monday LogoWe are taking part in Mrs Ms Meal Planning Monday linky. So this week, on the board this is what we are having:

Balmoral Chicken  We have a haggis in the fridge from when my Mom stayed she decided she couldnt store it until she got back home so I thought I would give this a go, hopefully I can manage the whisky sauce, bought one recently but I didnt think it was very good so need to try making my own

Beef Stroganoff  We love stroganoff and with Roddas Clotted Cream it really is the best ever. So I’ll blog about this as they have a brilliant video on their youtube channel with it so Ill include that for you all to see.

Ravioli  Graeme wanted Ravioli, so I got crab and chilli ravioli from Tesco. So looking forward to this

Beef & Ale Pie I made this in the slow cooker yesterday and wow its good, so just to sort out the puff pastry and its our St Patricks Day dinner sorted the ale was Guinness Golden Ale and it is amazing.

Cottage Pie  We have some mince in the freezer so thought I would sort out a cottage pie, although with the spring like weather we have had today, I think it might be too warm a dish for this week, might do mince tacos instead!

Cheese Burger  I recently went to Five Guys and had the most amazing cheese burger ever wonder if I can recreate it at home. Will keep you posted.

Ham Salad We still have a small bit of ham left over so will be having a salad with it to make sure it doesnt go to waste.

Hope you all feel inspired Please leave your comments below I love reading them!

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