Meal Planning Monday – 15th January 2018

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I’ve filled in my meal planner and it’s up in the cupboard, so this week is set – we are bad for deviating from it as hubster decides (after being consulted on the meal plan) that he no longer fancies it.

So with this in mind, here is my meal plan for this week:

Monday – Salmon En Croute – It was my plan to make this myself, but thought I would try one first, just to understand how it all comes together and the flavours – I bought one from Sainsburys the other day, so will see how that goes.

Tuesday – Black Bean Chilli from Deliciously Ella‘s first book – I loce this, it’s packed full of protein and super tasty, but also really simple to make and it freezes really well too.

Wednesday – Grilled Halloumi and tabbouleh – We loved the fresh taste of the tabbouleh salad, so it’s back on the menu this week.  I bought some halloumi for a recipe and didn’t use it – so it needs eating – I love the saltiness it brings to the dish.

Thursday – Ragu with paparedelle pasta – We got some fresh pasta last week and didn’t use it – so I’ll put it to use with our ragu.

Friday – baked potaoes and salad – We are busy with cubs and things on a Friday night so having something simple but tasty.

Saturday – Bubbles is absolutely obsessed with Chinese noodles just now – I’m not sure where it has come from but he keeps asking for them and when we got a take away last week he asked the man from some chopsticks (the man was lovely and although it was for his restaurant rather than take out – he game him some) So I’m going to attempt my own Chicken Chow Mein for us all.

Sunday – Lamb Saag – Grim decided that he wanted to make a curry this week, so we have plenty left over – It is the Hairy Bikers, Traditional Lamb Saag and oh my goodness, it is delicious! We had it with homemade flat breads which were super tasty too!


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