Meal Planning Monday – 8th January 2018

OK so that’s us both back to work as of today! I have spent all of Sunday afternoon prepping what I can for the week ahead.  This week is going to be a combination of new things I have come across over the break and also thinking of making sure that we are eating healthy foods.

So with this in mind, here is my meal plan for this week:

Monday – Tom Kerridge’s beef lasagne – I was intrigued by this as he roasts off the minced beef first, then makes the lasagne and uses tomatoes and courgettes as his layers – it’s just one layer too, so super simple.  The roasting off in the oven seems a bit of a faf, but I’m hoping that it adds to the flavour enough to make it worth it.

Tuesday – Chicken wraps – this is super easy and I made all of the chicken for the filling on Sunday, so just needs heated up before serving. Lovely with a salad on the wrap too!

Wednesday – Jamie Oliver’s Superfood Chicken Salad – I normally can’t be bothered with the faff of making these types of things as it’s such fine chopping and I get bored, but I have to say in the past week, I have enjoyed my cooking and prep more than I have done in about a year, which is great, I’m getting my cooking mojo back 🙂

Thursday – Ragu I always say this but it’s a staple and everyone loves it!

Friday – Chicken Schnitzel and Tabbouleh – I have to say, I made tabbouleh last week and was so impressed with the fresh flavours in it that I decided to have it again this week but with chicken.

Not quite sure what we are having at the weekend yet as I am going to do an online shop for Friday so that Grim can get some red wine in – I am meant to be away this weekend, but might be home, so will play it by ear.


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