Meal Planning Monday – 1st January 2018

So we are into a new year – I can’t quite believe it! 2017 was the fastest one yet by far. I am still not feeling great, I have to call on Wednesday to book in for a chest X-ray – Hoping it’s all ok – Part of me thinks it might be being cooped up at home and in office with new bugs, but that’s winter for you. I’ve been doing exercise every day since I felt a bit better so trying to beat it by feeding my body well and getting enough exercise. I was planning on trying Veganary, but I think I would miss fish too much and Grim not really into it so don’t fancy making all different meals, so this is what we will be eating this week.

So this week’s meal plan is using up as much from the freezer, I have a habit of stockpiling things when they are on offer so I have been through the freezer and this is my meal plan for this week:

Monday – Chicken wrapped in bacon with roast potatoes and broccoli

Tuesday – Salmon salad

Wednesday – Thai Prawn Curry

Thursday – Ragu I always say this but it’s a staple and everyone loves it

Friday – Halloumi and onion salad – I’ve been reading Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet book that I got ages ago and will be trying some of the recipes

Saturday – We are going to make our own pizzas, the boys love doing this and everyone gets to make their own

Sunday – Roast beef – Grim’s present from the boys this year was an electric carving knife, so we are going to put it to the test.


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