Meal Planning Monday 21st May 2012

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Thank you Mrs M for setting this up, here is our weekly meal planner.

Im going to try to do my weekly shopping on £40, I have so much stuff in the house to use up this should be doable as long as G Man forgoes his wine!

Monday Kedgeree with the most amazing filleted fish from Delish Fish, we use the recipe from Fish is the Dish campaign

Tuesday Buddy will eat meatloaf, this was an amazing discovery on last weeks meal plan so we are going to make this a regular feature. This week we will again use turkey mince as there is a challenge on the Britmums page using turkey that we thought wed give a go. I also realised that Buddy can get his veg intake here cause I can grate in veg and he didnt question it. I will blog recipe once Ive worked it up.

Wednesday Spaghetti bolognese

Thursday Chicken enchilada pizza, a Pampered Chef recipe that really is mega easy & so tasty so if you want the recipe, comment here and Ill email it to you.

Friday hake bobotie from the amazing Jacqueline ODonnell from The Sisters restaurant in Glasgow, it really is a fab and easy weeknight meal. We will of course be using hake from Delish Fish

Saturday Ive got the girls round for dinner as G Man is away on a stag weekend so I am introducing them to kedgeree. Just realised Ill have this twice in one week. Ah well, it is my personal favourite right now!

Sunday G Man will be slightly delicate today so need something here that will be good, not sure what to have yet, but will have a nosey at others to decide, think Ill try a slow cooker recipe from mediocre mums slow cooker Sunday

Ill update you with recipes of interest during the week.

And of course Ill be using all of my fabulous Pampered Chef Products. I have my own website where you can buy what you like visit it here.

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