Meal Planning Monday 23rd May 2016

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Meal Planning Monday LogoIts a holiday today and its sunny so weve spent most of the day outside.  I got new trainers on Friday so was testing them out sprinting on the grass near my house with the boys playing football.  It was really fun.  One of them has fallen asleep on the sofa, the other watching Minecraft now theres a surprise! We have using up all of the food in the two freezers this week, so we are going to be having a bit random things.

As usual, we are linking up with At Home with Mrs M blog with the Meal Planning Monday click on the image above to take you over to the blog to check out some further ideas.

Heres what we are having this week for our meal plan:

Thai Chicken Curry  Coconut milk was on offer in Tesco this week, so going to make this as got a really nice paste, so its dead easy to make.

Haddock & pancetta chowder This is a slow cooked meal that I got from my fellow blogger Mediocre Mum way back when we worked on the Fish is the Dish project. Ill blog the recipe this week.

Ragu  As usual, our staple of Ragu Love this, never get tired of it as its so tasty

Chicken Tikka wraps with homemade chips  I love having wraps when its warm outside cause they are really easy but you can also head outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Lasagne  I made a big lasagne a couple of weeks ago and so I froze a big portion for me and Grim this week.

And thats us for this week, please let us know if we have inspired you and what you are eating this week, we love to hear from you.

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