Meal Planning Monday – 29th January 2018

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I’ve been pretty good this month, but I really do have to start shifting some weight. I’ve joined the gym at work and I’m going to be good and not eat lots of rubbish – I have been through the freezer and so this eclectic meal plan is the result. We have the meal planner all filled out:

Monday – salmon with brocolli – I bake the salmon in the oven in foil on some fennel and sliced tomatoes – It’s really tasty.

Tuesday – Chicken sausages with stir fried kale – I actually don’t know why I picked these sausages up, I was in Asda one day and thought, oh that’s a good idea, then put them in the freezer and it’s only cause I’m trying to use stuff up, that they have resurfaced!

Wednesday – spaghetti with garlic, tomato & chilli – Whenever my Mom comes over from Italy, she brings me some spice mix that it perfect to shake over some pasta with some olive oil and chopped tomatoes – it’s super simple, but so tasty.

Thursday – Haddock Chowder – We have some haddock that I got and froze so I’m going to make a slow cooker haddock chowder – it’s really tasty and easy to make.

Friday – Going to make some more Lamb Saag – Rather than getting a take away, we’ll make this.

Saturday – We are out for lunch today so it’ll be homemade soup and toasties for dinner

Sunday – Roast chicken – this is one thing that the boys will eat with no fuss and I make yorkshire puddings to go with it – The boys then have one for dessert too with nutella and ice cream – they really like it!


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