Meal Planning Monday 29th February 2016

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Meal Planning Monday LogoWe are taking part in Mrs Ms Meal Planning Monday linky. So this week, on the board this is what we are having:

Mushroom Pasta  This is from the Greedy Italians book and has become a staple. Love it and dead easy to make.
Fish and Chips  We have fish twice a week most weeks this week we will have it with a light tempura batter and homemade fries Next time we have this Im going to make my own tartare sauce, but well leave that for when I have more time!
Chilli Con Carne  Going to make an extra hot chilli con carne this week well have it with rice and freeze the leftovers for baked potatoes next week
Chicken in a bag now this is brilliant, we now just buy the bags and add our own spices Thank you Maggi for the idea pretty sure it was Ruth Simpson that got me onto this!
Ragu  Ill need to blog this recipe again as it was lost in the hack, but this is my favourite dish and always makes me smile when I make it as it reminds me of a dear friend who is no longer with us!

Hope you all feel inspired Please leave your comments below I love reading them!

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