Meal Planning Monday 4th April 2016

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Meal Planning Monday LogoWe are taking part in Mrs Ms Meal Planning Monday linky. So this week, on the board this is what we are having:

Chicken Schnitzel & coleslaw  I know, as always I am late to the party, but Lean in 15 OMG, how fab as the recipes. Dead quick on Facebook and his book is even £7.49 in Sainsburys at the moment. So we thought we would make the super easy Chicken Schnitzel and coleslaw this week.  Looks lush! Heres a link to the tweet hope this works

Chicken Balti  Recently, I returned to using some of the Schwatz sachets, it is easy on nights that I cant be bothered to cook and the boys will even eat them well not the balti one but the chicken korma one!

Shepherds Pie Hoping the boys will eat this *crosses fingers* and should be easy enough to make. Will serve with carrots on the side as the boys wont eat veg!

Ragu  This is one of our staples and I make it once a month and we have it weekly.  In case you missed it, here is the link

Pasta & sauce I bought loads of these filled tortellini the other week as they were half price in Tesco great when you cant be bothered cooking and I have some pasta sauce in the freezer to pour over it

Scallops, black pudding and minted pea puree I am making this to blog about this recipe for my friend Karen who says she loves scallops. Ill take some pictures and get them up on the blog later in the week.  Off to tweet my fish man to see if he can get me some! I got the black pudding off the meat counter in Tesco, did I tell you they sell cheap off cuts, got all the ends of Simon Howies lovely black pudding for half price!

Hope you all feel inspired Please leave your comments below I love reading them!

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