Meal Planning on Monday 22nd February 2016

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I’m back after my hack and here goes for this week’s meal plan.  So this week, on the board this is what we are having:

Chilli baked potatoes  We made a massive slow cooker chilli a couple of weeks ago that was so spicy, it is perfect for baked potatoes with some creme fraiche. Cant wait to have this one. 

Sausage and mash
I buy my sausages from the butcher at my local Dobbies, not just because I work there, but I find that they are so tasty and even the boys ask when we are next having the sausages, the ones we opt for are the pork and leeks ones that are slightly sweeter and the boys will eat these no problem.

Gorgonzola pasta 
we came across this in Italy when we went pre children we guessed the recipe and its a great weeknight meal when you want max flavour but needs to be quick.

Chicken in a bag
now this is brilliant, we now just buy the bags and add our own spices Thank you Maggi for the idea pretty sure it was Ruth Simpson that got me onto this!

Fish and chips
It wouldnt be Friday without fish and chips now would it?

Shepherds pie
This is great as the boys will eat it too

Salmon with chilli sauce and potatoes 
not very inspired, but tasty all the same.

The meal plan this week isnt that inspired, it is really just using up what we have in the freezer and cupboards and taking it from there.  I still managed to spend the full budget at the shops and some I am not planning to go to the supermarket again. Not even for a top up shop. Lets see how that goes!

If you have anything that takes your fancy from above, let me know and Ill blog the recipes for you.

Hope you all feel inspired Please leave your comments below I love reading them!

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