Our Weekly Meal Plan – 10th April 2017


I have been shopping, but having stopped using my fridge freezer in the garage, I’ve noticed that I’m not buying so much to fill up the freezer. I’ve spent less money and less time batch cooking – just cooking maybe four portions of things, so G and I have something for the next week. We are finding thatr we are using things better and eating better as a result.  I’m off to the fish van tomorrow to see what we can get too – I’m going to fill in my A4_meal-planner_Final and stick it to the fridge also so that everyone can see it!

Monday – BBQ marinaded steak – we have some sirloin left over from a meal G wanted to make last week, so we are using this up by marinading it and we will just serve with salad and new potatoes.

Tuesday –  Salmon with Nando’s sauce with spiralised veg on the side

Wednesday – Chickpea Curry with spinach – I have found that using my Instant Pot with dried chickpeas, it only takes 50 mins to do them from dried and absolutely no soaking. So we are having a chickpea curry with spinach – I have fresh turmeric too so looking forward to this.

Thursday – Beef stew and new potatoes with brocolli.

Friday – Thai mussels (if the fish man can get me some) along with sour dough bread that I’m going to get from Fayre Tasty in Dalkeith – My new find, please if you haven’t been and are local give Faye a visit – super tasty food and she van even order things in for you 🙂

I am not going to plan the weekend yet – I’ll see what happens this week.



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