Our weekly meal plan – 11th June 2018

So this week is birthday mania, Grim is (coughs loudly) another year older and Buddy will be 9 – I can’t quite believe that. So they are getting to choose the dinner on their birthday evening. Apart from that, we are using up what we have in the freezer. We have the meal planner all filled out and on the white board so that everyone knows what we are having. Here are the dinners that have made the meal plan for this week:

Monday – It’s baked potatoes and black bean chilli tonight for dinner – we love this and actually works for a meat free Monday alternative if you are trying to cut back on the meat.

Tuesday – It’s Grim’s birthday today, he is out at the Cricket, so won’t need much to eat when he gets home, so we are going to have chicken salad wraps

Wednesday – It’s Buddy’s birthday and he has chosen pepperoni pizza from Domino’s, but I have fallen out with Dominos after they totally messed up my order and left me reeling and chasing my refund for months. I’ll make homemeade flatbreads and toppings, the boys love these. I must remember to get some pepperoni.

Thursday – Ragu – Our staple and great dinner – We have this weekly and with a lovely green rocket salad, it really is the most tasty dinner.

Friday – Chicken Tikka Massala – The boys love korma and I make the one from the Hairy Dieters normally, but I’m going to see what the boys think of this as I’d like to add to their repertoire.

Saturday – It’s Buddy’s party today – not sure what we are doing, I’m angling to not be cooking and will opt for Chinese, we have a new amazing one locally.

Sunday – The family is back together again and we’ll be having a roast chicken with all the trimings as a wee celebration.

Do you meal plan? What are your favourites?

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