Our Weekly Meal Plan – 15th July 2019

It’s the 3rd week of our summer holidays already – I can’t quite believe that, but hey ho. We have lots of tentative plans but until the day we do’nt overly plan cause if it’s a lovely day, we want to be outside, getting as much fresh air as we can. The only thing I am planning is food as the boys are currently eating me out of house and home, so the meal planner is all filled out and on the white board so that everyone knows what we are having. Here are the dinners that have made the meal plan for this week:

Monday – We are having left over Beef Rendang that I made in my Instant Pot.

Tuesday – King Prawn Stir Fry – the boys love this, they will have a sweet and sour sauce and G and I will have Oyster Sauce – super easy dinner for us all and pretty healthy

WednesdayRagu – We have been making this for years now and every time we make it, it seems to get better – We cook it for longer now and it is still a favourite for all of the family

Thursday – Chicken salad – We are starting to buy our food at Lidl a bit more and I get a large tray of chicken for £9.49 – this goes a long way and is a lovey easy dinner with a little spritz of olive oil and fajita spice sprinkled over the top, baked in the oven for 20 minutes. Everyone seems to like it.

Friday – I made a butter chicken in my Instant Pot recently and it was absolutely amazing, so I thought I might try Chicken Tikka Marsala for everyone this Froday.

Weekend – We are going to have a BBQ if the weather is ok at the weekend – homemade burgers with salad and perhaps some steak, the boys have recently got into the whole steak thing and they love it.

Do you meal plan? What are your favourites?

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