Our weekly meal plan – 20th May 2019

The weather is certainly changeable these days isn’t it? Last week was a heat wave and then all weekend it was raining, thankfully got some washing out on the line today in time for back to school tomorrow. We have the meal planner all filled out and on the white board so that everyone knows what we are having. Here are the dinners that have made the meal plan for this week:

Monday – Baked potatoes with vegan chilli and cheese – I made a veggie chilli last week from Bosh and it was superb, even Grim liked it. The boys will have tuna mayo on their potatoes.

Tuesday – Wild Garlic Pesto Pasta – We went for a woodland walk yesterday and noticed that there was still so much wild garlic around by the river, so we’re go and collect that tomorrow to make some. Even Buddy is excited about this one.

Wednesday – Prawn Stir Fry – We are trying to get the boys to eat some new dishes, so going to try this and see how we get on.

ThursdayRagu – Click through for the recipe – can’t quite believe, I have been making this super dish for over 6 years, that’s quite scary, but it really is super easy, freezes well and a treat for the whole family.

Friday –  I’m going to make Chicken Curry. It does take a while to make it as I don’t have any of The Curry Guy’s base sauce in the freezer, but when I make it, I make 5 batches so it is easy and quick and tastes as good as a takeaway.

Saturday – Macaroni Cheese – The boys chose this, I have to try to at least pop in something that they ask for. I need them to buy into this good eating lark and all eating roughly the same thing.

Sunday – We are going to have roast chicken this Sunday, it’s a favourite of mine and we make yorkshire puddings that the boys will also have for their dessert with nutella and skooshy cream!

Do you meal plan? What are your favourites?

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