Our Weekly Meal Plan – 20th March 2017


I am so disorganised this week – I haven’t done my shopping, still I’m trying to just do shopping when I need it to try to stop the waste.  Why does waste happen when I’m meal planning – well, that’s because I make the meal plan on a Sunday and everyone says, ‘yes that’s fine’ then it comes to the day and they change their minds.  So I have done this meal plan based on what we already have in the house and will see how we get on. I’m going to fill in my A4_meal-planner_Final and stick it to the fridge also so that everyone can see it!

Monday – Ragu with Dolmio for the #ThankGoodness campaign – I normally make my own, but this is a quick fix option – will blog about it all tomorrow.

Tuesday –  Beef Burgers – last week Grim made burgers and there were two large ones left over so we froze them for this week – We’ll have these with sweet potato fries.

Wednesday – Slowed Cooked Sausage & Kale Casserole

Thursday – Otelenga’s vegetable paella in the Instant Pot – I’ll note what I do so others can do this too if they fancy it.

Friday – Chana Dhal with Spinach – This should be lovely – thanks to Vicki Brabley for the recipe.

I am not going to plan the weekend yet – I’ll see what happens this week.  Possibly Macaroni Cheese in the Instant Pot – it only takes 5 mins – Yes you read correctly, 5 mins and the boys loved it!



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