Our Weekly Meal Plan – 22nd May 2017

It’s May, not just that but it’s almost the end of May, which means it’s only 6 weeks til the school holiday, only 5 weeks until Bubbles finishes nursery and we start to look towards Bubbles going to school – seriously, I cannot believe this. Tomorrow we start our house renovations, firstly it’s the boiler, then the bathrooms and en suite and then the kitchen. I won’t lie, I’m nervous but also extremely excited.

This week’s meal plan is an attempt to run down the freezer and what we already have in the cupboards to make packing up the kitchen as easy as possible.

As always, I’m going to fill in my Meal Planner and stick it to the fridge to remind everyone what we will be eating this week.

Monday – Mushroom pasta – this is a Greedy Italians dish and super tasty

Tuesday –  Smoked Salmon and scrambled egg

WednesdayRagu – I make a large batch of this around pay day every month and we have it every week

Thursday – Hairy Dieters Crispy Chicken, I really love this as a dish, it is super tasty and all we have with it is a lovely green salad

Friday – Homemade burgers and polenta chips – this is really easy and very tasty and great for a Friday night feast instead of a take away. Can you tell that we are still trying to eat healthy?

I will plan the weekend nearer the time, Grim has a gig and we have guests, so I will get the recipe books out and see what I can muster up.

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