Our Weekly Meal Plan – 24th April 2017

I am so not into my food this week – I have had a stomach bug – so annoying as I was meant to be away for work. So this week is totally unispired meal plan and just pulled out the bag as can’t even face going the food shopping right now.

I’m going to fill in my A4_meal-planner and stick it to the fridge.

Monday – Quiche salad

Tuesday –  Scrambled eggs on toast – That’s all I could manage to be honest

WednesdayRagu – I made a large batch last week so this will be the first meal of the week.

Thursday – Tofu Stir Fry – I will have this and Grim is having baked potato with tuna salad.

Friday – Salmon & rocket pasta – I ended up making this on the weekend – but it was super tasty and it works so well. just baked the salmon then flake, add to cooked taglietelle, some creme fraiche and rocket and serve.

As always, I’m going to play it by ear at the weekend, but we have a couple of left overs in the freezer, so we’ll be good to go.

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